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Social Buzz Marketing Can Offer You Better Return on Advertising Investment We have already grown some sort of fatigue or apathy for traditional advertisements that run on television channels or newspapers. For example, we often overlook those advertisements or simply skip to another channel, as soon as they start running in television. And in case of newspaper, our habit of scanning through the headlines restricts us to be caught by an advertisement speech. To the most, in case of newspaper advertisement, the target group simply scans the information and moves to the next story. Now as an advertiser, you can not afford this loss for a long time. If the viewers are not watching the advertisement, how can you communicate your message? And if you do not even get the opportunity to communicate your message, how can you expect a good return from your advertisement investments! Do you really think that even though the target group is reading the information in the newspaper advertisement, they are actually involving you directly in the buying process? Can your advertisement really motivate them to take a decision in your favor! Especially in case of high end products, people often rely on peer reviews rather than advertisements. And, research says that peer reviews work batter to motivate someone to sell a product. And thus a lot of advertisers are actively investing on social buzz marketing. What is social buzz marketing? To put it simply, it is a below the line advertisement campaign, where the advertiser try to influence the peers of a group and promote the product via that individual. Do you remember the story how Hush Puppies became such a huge band? In 1994 their overall sales volume was just about 30,000 pairs a year but just after a few young hip groups started wearing them and as soon as some fashion designers started showing these shoes in their collection, the shoes became a top brand and spread lie virus. They registered around 430,000 pair of shoes sold in one year and by next year they registered around 4 times of that number. This is by far one of the best examples of what word of mouth promotion can do for your business. You must be thinking that whatever happened wit Hush Puppies was just a fluke. It may not happen the same way for other brands. And, as these reactions are spontaneous, one cannot manipulate it to a high extant to make it a profitable marketing and promotional model. This is not true. A lot of big brands like Adidas are already into these sorts of bellow the line advertisement campaigns. For example, they spot some opinion builders like a school football team captain. When they present a pair of Adidas shoes that are yet to be launched in the open market, the captain becomes carried away by the sheer pleasure of showing it off in the public. He or she is now a proud owner of a pair of shoes that no one have. Once, people from his surrounding (for example, team members and fans) start looking for that pair of shoes in the market. The sheer unavailability of the shoes creates a buzz in the market and it spreads faster than anything. And this sort of social buzz marketing campaign is one of the most important parts of their overall advertisement campaigns. Can you think about something like this? Steve is a media professional and writes for different online publications on media and advertising industry. For more information on advertising strategy or Buzz marketing he recommends you to visit http://www.adweek.com Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Steve_McMains Relation articles: Year End Promotional Items.html Brochure Printing Paper Helping You Make Your Marketing Promises Stand Out.html A Few Thoughts on Marketing.html How Helpful Are Management Consultants For Businessmen.html Collaborate Dont Command How to Survive the Recession and Prosper.html Online Directories Great Exposure For Contractors.html Branded Workwear Why Do It.